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[unknown]Introduction to Chinese Culture - Peking University
These files available in Real Media format only.
Keywords: Chinese Culture
Downloads: 2,726
[unknown]Chinese Cultural Customs - Peking University
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Keywords: Chinese Culture
Downloads: 5,927
[image]Images ( 23)
Ancient China history is full of tales of entrepreneurship and invention. Right from the period of Warring States to the Song dynasty, a timeline of 1,600 years, saw China’s large-scale contributionsto the world in applied technology, agriculture, engineering, metallurgy,mechanics, hydraulics, crafts, marine science, and military technology.
Keywords: Ancient Chinese Culture
Downloads: 5
[audio]jidujiaoyuzhongguowenhua - mccf
Keywords: chinese; christian; chinese culture
Downloads: 22
[unknown]Chinese Culture - Peking University

Keywords: humanities; Chinese culture
Downloads: 1,069
[unknown]Ancient Chinese Science and Technology - Peking University
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Keywords: Chinese Culture; science; technology
Downloads: 2,199
[unknown]Chinese Culture in Russia & France - Peking University

Keywords: humanities; Chinese culture
Downloads: 232 3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[unknown]Chinese Culture and Religion - Peking University
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Keywords: Chinese Culture; religion
Downloads: 2,311
[movies]Ancient Chinese Culture
Keywords: Ancient Chinese Culture
Downloads: 27
[movies]Ancient Chinese Culture
http://www.ancient-china-history.com/ancient-chinese-culture.htmlAncient Chinese culture is a product of vast diverse landmass dotted with people from various races and ruled over by numerous dynasties. While Confucian thoughts became its mainstay, Buddhism and Taoism reinforced its crystallization into a distinct form. The habitual practices of the people of the land and their unique and interesting life style over the last 5,000 years had added mesmerizing aspects to the Chinese culture...
Keywords: Ancient Chinese Culture
Downloads: 75
[unknown]Confucian Culture - Peking University
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Keywords: Chinese Culture; confucious
Downloads: 10,690
[unknown]Chinese Language and Culture - Peking University
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Keywords: humanities; Chinese culture; Chinese language
Downloads: 1,370
[unknown]Ethics and Morality - Southest University
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Keywords: humanities; Chinese culture; ethics; morality
Downloads: 184
[unknown]Chinese Culture: Literature, Poetry, & Drama - Peking University

Keywords: humanities; Chinese culture; poetry; drama
Downloads: 21,136
[unknown]Chinese Architecture and Cultural Art - Peking University
These files available in Real Media format only.
Keywords: Chinese Culture; architecture; Chinese art
Downloads: 5,249
[unknown]Chinese Ethnic Cultures - Peking University

Keywords: Chinese culture; ethnic Chinese; Chinese ethnic groups
Downloads: 199
[unknown]Chinese Culture: Sports and Entertainment - Peking University
These files available in Real Media format only.
Keywords: humanities; Chinese culture; Tai Chi; Wushu
Downloads: 746 3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[unknown]Introductions to Kun Qu Opera, Beijing Opera, and Chinese Shadow Theater - Peking University

Keywords: Chinese Culture; Chinese opera; Chinese Theatre
Downloads: 2,857
[unknown]Chinese Culture: Tea, Wine, Couplets - Peking University

Keywords: humanities; tea; Chinese culture; wine; poetry
Downloads: 3,232
[unknown]Chinese Culture: Ancient Women, Burial Rights, & the Family - Peking University

Keywords: humanities; Chinese culture; women; family; burial rights
Downloads: 2,540
[movies]Animoto Ancient Chinese Culture
China’s ascendancy is increasingly viewed globally with both appreciation and cynicism. A glance into the Chinese history reveals how historical focus on Han nationalism, ancient China history political thoughts, sustenance of cultural values, expansive attitude, and technological innovation has contributed to its present economic growth, military buildup, political system, and centralized state power apparatus...
Keywords: Ancient China history; chinese culture and traditions
Downloads: 49
[texts]I CHING. Riding The Changes - Daniel Bernardo
This I Ching translation is concise and oriented towards divinatory usage. To help readers understand better the true meaning of the text, notes with historical and cultural information have been added, as well as cross-references between hexagrams.Line by line interpretations are both general and oriented toward different aspects of life like Career, Private life and Health, Feelings and Social life.
Keywords: I ching; yijing; chinese culture; divination
Downloads: 259
[texts]The bulletin of the chinese culture institute, issue no. 1 (winter, 1983) - Chinese Culture Institute
...gives a brief history of the Chinese Culture Institute as well as it's officers, board members and founding members, the goals of the Institute and program and activities; includes an article by Doric C. J. Chu, "Art in China: 1949-1978"; this item was in the BRA collection..
Keywords: Asian; Chinese Culture Institute, Boston (Mass.); Chinese; Culture
Downloads: 355
[unknown]Chinese Culture: The Tai Mountain & Art - Peking University

Keywords: humanities; Chinese culture; Chinese art; Chinese painting; gardens
Downloads: 338
[movies]"Ape Power" Boxing. - Eric Ling
Traditional kung fu from mainland China.
Keywords: traditional kung fu; chinese culture; old videos; martial arts
Downloads: 1,160
[movies]Ting Ting "HOURAI" - Rob Pongi
Ting Ting performs a very complex and interesting instrumental "HOURAI" live in Tokyo at the Kichijoji Music Festival - Spring, 2003. Completely filmed and edited by Rob Pongi.Used by permission, copyright (c) 2003 Rob Pongi.In this instrumental, Ting Ting plays the ancient Chinese 'Pi Pa' - a four-stringed Lute, one of the oldest Chinese musical instruments which first appeared in Chinese written texts of the second century BC...
Keywords: music video; Chinese video; Chinese music video; Chinese culture; traditional Chinese culture video; Chinese music; Chinese Pi Pa; Ting Ting; HOURAI; Rob Pongi; pongi; robpongi.com
Downloads: 3,753
[movies]Ting Ting "Moon Prayer" - Rob Pongi
Ting Ting performs "Moon Prayer" live in Tokyo at the Kichijoji Music Festival - Spring, 2003. Completely filmed and edited by Rob Pongi. Special thanks to Mr. Sparkle for advice during post production. Used by legal permission. Copyright (c) 2003 Rob Pongi. In this lovely, romantic ballad, Ting Ting sings 'Moon Prayer' while playing the ancient Chinese 'Pi Pa' - a four-stringed Lute, one of the oldest Chinese musical instruments which first appeared in Chinese written texts of the second centur...
Keywords: music video; Chinese video; Chinese music video; Chinese culture; traditional Chinese culture video; Chinese music; Chinese Pi Pa; Ting Ting; Moon Prayer; Rob Pongi; pongi; robpongi.com
Downloads: 341
[texts]ERIC ED386759: Zhuang Zi's Rhetorical Thoughts. - ERIC
The memory of the student uprising at Tiananmen Square in 1989 invites one professor to examine more closely what she does: rhetoric and composition, especially rhetorical invention. To examine the kind of power exercised by official Chinese public discourse and whether language could help to avoid reoccurrences such as the loss of innocent people's lives, the Taoist thought of Zhuang Zi might help...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Chinese Culture; Comparative Analysis; Discourse Analysis; Foreign Countries; Higher Education; Rhetorical Theory; Taoism
Downloads: 6
[texts]ERIC ED367024: Saying "Yes" for "No" and "No" for "Yes": A Chinese Rule. - ERIC
"Contrary-to-face-value" (CFV) messages, which can only be understood from a contextual instead of a text-based approach to communication, have caused many problems in communication between East Asians and North Americans. A typology of CFV communication, as identified in the Chinese culture, is proposed in this paper. Four forms of CFV communication are constructed on the basis of the following two dimensions of CFV communication: internal motivation (other-serving or self-serving) and external...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Ambiguity; Chinese Culture; Classification; Communication Research; Cultural Context; Higher Education; Intercultural Communication; Interpersonal Communication; Language Usage
Downloads: 7
[texts]ERIC ED377535: A Chinese Perspective of Communication Competence. - ERIC
To avoid the Anglo-Saxon culture mode, which dominates the current study of human communication in all contexts, the concept of communication competence can be examined from the perspective of Chinese culture. The conceptualization and empirical indicators used for the measurement of communication competence strongly reflect a Western cultural bias which shows a linear and mechanical obsession with cause and effect...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Chinese Culture; Communicative Competence (Languages); Confucianism; Cultural Context; Cultural Differences; Ethnocentrism; Higher Education; Interpersonal Communication; Models; Research Methodology
Downloads: 5
[texts]ERIC ED382402: An Integrated Curriculum for Kindergarten/First Grade Children Utilizing Project Approach. - ERIC
An integrated curriculum allows children's learning in all traditional subject areas to occur primarily through projects that the teachers plan and that reflect children's interests. This paper presents a curriculum web on Chinese festivals, specifically, the Chinese New Year, for kindergarten and first grade levels. The paper first presents a teacher brainstorm of a curriculum web on celebrating Chinese festivals, and then presents the thematic web for the subtopic Chinese New Year, which inclu...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Chinese Culture; Classroom Techniques; Foreign Countries; Integrated Curriculum; Learning Activities; Primary Education; Teaching Methods; Thematic Approach
Downloads: 8
[audio]The Little Tea Book - Arthur Gray
LibriVox recording of The Little Tea Book by Arthur Gray. Read in English by LibriVox volunteers. After all, tea is the drink! Domestically and socially it is the beverage of the world. There may be those who will come forward with their figures to prove that other fruits of the soil—agriculturally and commercially—are more important. Perhaps they are right when quoting statistics. But what other product can compare with tea in the high regard in which it has always been held by writers whos...
Keywords: librivox; audiobooks; culture; Japan; India; china; British; japanese culture; tea; chinese culture; drinks; preparation; tea preparation; tea history; tea quotes
Downloads: 874
[audio]Robert Reich talks about the sick economy - sgl
Harry Kreisler interviews Robert Reich about political change and the structural causes of the 2008 economic collapse. Reich recounts early experiences with the Clintons. He concludes with an evaluation of the importance of political leadership, and grass roots mobilization. Source: Politics, Policy, and the Great Recession with Robert Reich (Conversations with History) China and the Hip-Hop Culture Tavis Smiley talks to Andrew Ballen a Black entrepreneur, who went from North Carolina to Shangha...
Keywords: Great Speeches and Interviews; Harry Kreisler; Robert Reich; Clintons; economic collapse; political leadership; grass roots mobilization; Tavis Smiley; Andrew Ballen; Conversations with History; Chinese culture; North Carolina; Shanghai
Downloads: 114
[texts]ERIC ED374474: Chinese Students Avoid Interpersonal Communication: An Analysis of the Problem and Suggestions for Retention. - ERIC
Juxtaposing Chinese and American culture, this paper anticipates problems Chinese students have with their perception of the interpersonal communication course and suggests lesson plans American teachers can utilize. The paper first discusses salient patterns within the American and Chinese educational systems, noting that Chinese students are praised for engaging in collectivist behavior, while the American system emphasizes self-reliance and self-confidence...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Chinese Culture; College Attendance; Cultural Differences; Foreign Countries; Foreign Students; Higher Education; Intercultural Communication; Interpersonal Communication; Lesson Plans; Multicultural Education; Student Problems
Downloads: 4
[texts]ERIC ED366032: Communication Patterns of Individualistic and Collective Cultures: A Value Based Comparison. - ERIC
For Asian Americans, learning only the skills of verbal communication is not sufficient--they need to develop a sense of appreciation for eloquence, to understand the urgency of freedom of expression in a democratic society, and to internalize the value of speech as an instrument for self-enhancement. The remarkable differences between the East Asian cultures of China and Japan and the American culture make acculturation of East Asians into the mainstream of United States society extremely diffi...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Asian Americans; Chinese Culture; Comparative Analysis; Cultural Differences; Cultural Traits; Freedom of Speech; Higher Education; Individualism; Interpersonal Communication; Japanese Culture; North American Culture
Downloads: 11
[texts]ERIC ED329833: The Adaptation of Students from the People's Republic of China to an American Academic Culture. - ERIC
International education continues as a tradition and practice inherited from ancient times. However, it poses many challenges and unresolved problems that are reflected in the concerns of individual students, their host countries, and educational institutions. The present study examined the nature of Chinese students' adaptation to U.S. culture so that student organizations and student service professionals may become more sensitive to and conscious of their needs...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Chinese Culture; College Students; Counseling; Foreign Students; Higher Education; Special Needs Students; Student College Relationship; Student Needs; Student Welfare
Downloads: 1
[texts]ERIC ED326063: Suggestions To Buy: Television Commercials from the U.S., Japan, China, and Korea. - ERIC
This study examined the differences in the use of language in television commercials from the United States, Japan, South Korea, and China to persuade viewers (consumers) to buy a product. Because cultural norms in these East Asian nations favor indirectness when suggesting or recommending, it was hypothesized that: 1) suggestions would be more frequent in commercials from the United States than in commercials from the Asian countries; and 2) imperatives would be the most frequent form of sugges...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Chinese; Chinese Culture; Cultural Traits; English; Foreign Countries; Japanese; Korean; Korean Culture; Language Styles; Persuasive Discourse; Television Commercials; Uncommonly Taught Languages
Downloads: 1
[texts]ERIC ED379914: A Contrastive Analysis of Mandarin Chinese and American English Letter-Writing Formats and an Investigation into the Instruction of These Formats. - ERIC
This paper compares the prescribed American and Chinese letter writing formats as outlined in texts and examines actual letters from American and Chinese writers to determine how they compared to these formats and, if they differed, to identify possible reasons for these differences. After teaching students of Mandarin Chinese a basic lesson on how to write letters in Chinese, the author examines the effect of instruction in Chinese letter format by assigning each to write a letter...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Adults; Children; Chinese; Chinese Culture; College Students; Comparative Analysis; English; Letters (Correspondence); Mandarin Chinese; Native Speakers; Textbook Content; Writing Assignments; Writing (Composition); Writing Evaluation; Writing Skills
Downloads: 6
[texts]ERIC ED305165: A Study of Chinese and American Children's Attitudes towards Schooling. - ERIC
This study examined the cross-cultural differences involved in Chinese and American students' attitudes towards education. Examined were students' daily experiences, wishes, aspirations, likes, and dislikes. Data were obtained through interviews with 396 Chinese and 720 American students from the 1st, 3rd, and 5th grades. Students attended 11 schools in Beijing and 20 schools in the Chicago metropolitan area...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Academic Achievement; Chinese Culture; Cross Cultural Studies; Elementary Education; Elementary School Students; North American Culture; Self Evaluation (Individuals); Student Attitudes; Student Educational Objectives
Downloads: 2
[texts]ERIC ED375715: Marginal Men on an American Campus: A Case of Chinese Faculty. ASHE Annual Meeting Paper. - ERIC
This study used the marginal man theory to try to understand the work experiences of a group of Chinese immigrant professors at American institutions of higher education. Marginal man theory describes an individual with dual, perhaps not resolvable identities in two cultures. Five male professors at a Midwestern university participated in the study which gathered data through ethnographic interviews with the faculty, all males in their forties and none with tenure...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Chinese Americans; Chinese Culture; College Faculty; Cultural Awareness; Cultural Differences; Cultural Traits; Faculty College Relationship; Higher Education; Immigrants; Intercultural Communication; Interviews; Males; Teacher Attitudes; Work Environment
Downloads: 4
[texts]ERIC ED323139: Crisis in China: Prospects for U.S. Policy. Report of the Strategy for Peace, U.S. Foreign Policy Conference (30th, Warrenton, Virginia, October 19-21, 1989). - ERIC
This report summarizes the roundtable discussion of 19 China experts at a conference on the development of U.S. policy convened four months after the democracy demonstrations that took place in China in spring, 1989. The group's discussion highlighted five major areas of uncertainty over China's course in the short-term to intermediate future: (1) the extent of changes in Chinese life caused by the abrupt political changes of May and June 1989, and the eroding economy; (2) understanding key rela...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Chinese Culture; Current Events; Developing Nations; Foreign Countries; Foreign Policy; Global Approach; Government Role; International Relations; Leadership; Peace; World Problems
Downloads: 2
[texts]ERIC ED366455: Some Cultural Differences in Academic Motivational Orientations between American and Chinese Students. - ERIC
A study examined the effects of students' ethnicity on measures of the meaning of success in school and a preference for school feedback. A questionnaire was distributed to 333 white American students in eastern Wisconsin and 375 Hong Kong Chinese 8th- through 12-graders. Results showed a significantly higher proportion of American than Chinese students ranked "getting good grades" or "doing as well as or better than others in your class" as most important among five measures of the meaning of s...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Academic Achievement; Chinese Culture; Comparative Analysis; Cross Cultural Studies; Cultural Differences; Cultural Influences; Foreign Countries; Secondary Education; Secondary School Students; Student Attitudes; Student School Relationship
Downloads: 7
[texts]ERIC ED357401: Cultural Influences and Corporate Decision Making: The Humanities/Information Systems Partnership. - ERIC
Robert Morris College received a national Endowment for the Humanities grant to create a faculty study project to internationalize the humanities curriculum. The Humanities can play a role in building the cultural contexts and contributing to a deeper understanding of information-based corporate decision making in Information Systems courses, especially in decision support systems and management information systems courses...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Chinese Culture; Cognitive Style; Cultural Context; Cultural Influences; Curriculum Development; Decision Making; Decision Making Skills; Higher Education; Interdisciplinary Approach; Management Information Systems; Organizational Communication
Downloads: 7
[texts]ERIC ED372395: "Who Knows Not But Speaks Is Not Wise; Who Knows But Speaks Not Is Not Loyal!": Rhetoric of Philosophical Wisdom in Ancient China. - ERIC
The persistent cultural conservatism in Western scholarship has led to the exclusion of Chinese rhetoric from the canon of rhetorical studies. However, the assumption that Chinese culture does not have a rhetorical tradition is misleading and inappropriate. It stems from any number of notions: that the Chinese language is not as logical as those of Western cultures; that rhetoric is an outgrowth of democracy while China's system of politics is hierarchical; that rhetoric is about logical thinkin...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Chinese Culture; Cultural Context; Discourse Communities; Foreign Countries; Higher Education; Logical Thinking; Non Western Civilization; Oral Tradition; Persuasive Discourse
Downloads: 6
[texts]ERIC ED343044: Conflicts and Adaptation: A Discussion of Individualism-Oriented Therapeutic Counseling and Its Implications for Chinese College Counselors. - ERIC
Therapeutic counseling, for either clinical or developmental purposes, has been traditionally influenced by the socio-cultural values in Western society. Central to these values, it can be argued, is liberal individualism that attempts to bring to people an increased sense of self-control and self-determination. As a result, many of the therapeutic approaches popular in the West are firmly grounded in such a premise...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Chinese Culture; College Students; Counseling Techniques; Counselor Client Relationship; Counselor Role; Cultural Differences; Foreign Countries; Higher Education; Models; School Counselors
Downloads: 2
[texts]ERIC ED372778: Beyond the Classroom: International Education and the Community College. Volume III: Creating Institutional Links in Asia and the Pacific. - ERIC
Part of a four-volume set in which community college educators discuss their efforts to internationalize the educational experience of the students and communities they serve, volume III in this series addresses the development of programmatic links among five two-year colleges and institutions in Japan, Taiwan, the People's Republic of China, Australia, American Samoa, the Federated States of Micronesia, Belau, and the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Asian Studies; Chinese Culture; Community Colleges; Cultural Exchange; Foreign Countries; Intercollegiate Cooperation; International Educational Exchange; International Programs; Two Year Colleges
Downloads: 7
[texts]ERIC ED351413: Chinese Treasure Chest: An Integrated Exploratory Chinese Language & Culture Program. - ERIC
This publication describes the Chinese Treasure Chest project, an exploratory Chinese language and culture program developed by two elementary school teachers in the Aleutians East Borough (Alaska) School District. The project centers on the use of a large box of materials and a program plan designed to introduce elementary students in kindergarten through grade 6 to beginning Chinese language instruction through integrated, hands-on activities across-the-curriculum...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Chinese; Chinese Culture; Cultural Awareness; Cultural Education; Curriculum Development; Elementary Education; Integrated Curriculum; Program Descriptions; Second Language Instruction; Teacher Developed Materials
Downloads: 4
[texts]ERIC ED382510: Human Rights and China. Lesson Units. - ERIC
This curriculum unit presents lessons based on information and ideas gained from a 1994 Fulbright-Hays Summer Seminar Abroad Program in the People's Republic of China. This series of three lessons is created as an introduction to Model United Nations types of activities for high school students. Lesson 1, "What are Human Rights?" deals with concepts and definitions of human rights. Lesson 2, "Chinese and American Concepts of Human Rights," enables students to compare the human rights perspective...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Asian Studies; Chinese Culture; Civil Law; Civil Liberties; Civil Rights; Culture; Curriculum; Foreign Countries; High Schools; Non Western Civilization; Teaching Guides
Downloads: 4
[texts]ERIC ED369682: Chinese-American Students: A Review of the Literature. - ERIC
This document reviews the literature on subjects relating to Chinese-American students. The paper presents information under six major headings: (1) "Asian Immigrants in the United States: Demographic Data"; (2) "Economic and Educational Background of Asian Immigrants"; (3) "Chinese-American Students: Who Are They?"; (4) "Academic and Language Characteristics of Chinese Students"; (5) "The Chinese Culture"; and (6) "Parents' Influence." Extensive statistical data appear in the report, as do a la...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Bilingual Students; Chinese Americans; Chinese Culture; Cultural Traits; Demography; Educational Mobility; Higher Education; Immigrants; Occupational Mobility; Parent Role; Statistical Analysis
Downloads: 5
[texts]ERIC ED331128: Literacy in China: Cultural Tradition and Educational Policy: A Proposal. - ERIC
After discussing the mediating effect of cultural tradition on perceived objective reality and the need for a model that constructs paths from cultural factors to social behavior, this document describes a path model developed as a result of an investigation of two human resource development policy paradigms that were enforced alternately between 1949 and 1979 in the Peoples Republic of China. The role of the Confucian educational tradition is explored as the persistent independent factor that a...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Chinese Culture; Cultural Background; Cultural Context; Cultural Influences; Cultural Traits; Educational Attitudes; Educational Policy; Elementary Secondary Education; Literacy; Literacy Education; Path Analysis; Sociocultural Patterns
Downloads: 2
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